Underground mansion in Cheshire has bedroom-to-pool waterslide!

I have no idea what would be more awesome: to a) roll out of bed and land directly in my waterslide for a little pre-work dip.  Or b) getting home from work, park the car, and going Dr. Who styles in a incognito booth which takes me to my humble (humbly awesome) subterranean abode. There are just so many levels of awesome here. I might have to say awesome a few more times…

This lovely 2-story, 4300 sq/ft luxury home is literally nestled in the roots of Bowdon, Cheshire. This home has been dubbed ‘The Subterranean Mansion’ by locals, as both floors of the home are situated below ground. Where driveway ends – and where you’d expect your house to be – begins a beautiful 0.3 acre garden with the main sky-dome and sunlit vestibule as its centre piece. Upon entering this majestic home, you’re greeted with a TON of natural light. More so than you’d expect for a subterranean home. On the 1st floor you’ll find:  a cloakroom with attached powder room, lounge, dining room, breakfast kitchen, utility room, laundry room, and master bedroom with a generous en suite and shute to pool (pool on the 2nd floor…or lower basement). On the lower floor, you’ll find: two more bedrooms suites, swimming pool, central jacuzzi with the atrium directly above, home gym, bar, changing rooms with showers and toiletries, plant room, and garage.

All of this for the low, low price of  £2,000,000.  I think I just sold myself. . . I’ll have to bump up a level in my cash-games though ; )


This house has yet to be realized. It’s been planned and approved, the developers are just waiting for YOU to buy it!

[Sources: Country Life, Lovely Listing]

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